Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 29. Workers' Compensation Judge

Petition To Workers' Compensation Judge -- Time Limit On Filing

39-71-2905. Petition to workers' compensation judge -- time limit on filing. (1) If a claimant, an insurer, an employer alleged to be an uninsured employer, or the uninsured employers' fund has a dispute concerning any benefits under this chapter, it may petition the workers' compensation judge for a determination of the dispute after satisfying dispute resolution requirements otherwise provided in this chapter. In addition, the district court that has jurisdiction over a pending action under 39-71-515 may request the workers' compensation judge to determine the amount of recoverable damages due to the employee. The judge, after a hearing, shall make a determination of the dispute in accordance with the law as set forth in this chapter. If the dispute relates to benefits due to a claimant under this chapter, the judge shall fix and determine any benefits to be paid and specify the manner of payment. After parties have satisfied dispute resolution requirements provided elsewhere in this chapter, the workers' compensation judge has exclusive jurisdiction to make determinations concerning disputes under this chapter, except as provided in 39-71-317 and 39-71-516. The penalties and assessments allowed against an insurer under this chapter are the exclusive penalties and assessments that can be assessed by the workers' compensation judge against an insurer for disputes arising under this chapter.

(2) A petition for a hearing before the workers' compensation judge must be filed within 2 years after benefits are denied.

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