Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Administration -- Duties Of Department

39-73-102. Administration -- duties of department. The department of labor and industry shall administer this chapter. The department shall:

(1) formulate a plan and adopt rules for the operation of this chapter;

(2) cooperate with the federal government in all matters of immediate concern pertaining to silicosis;

(3) designate the procedure to be followed in securing a competent medical examination for the purposes of determining silicosis in each individual applicant;

(4) designate suitable physicians or physician, well qualified to examine applicants for aid under this chapter;

(5) pay the actual transportation expenses of any applicant from the applicant's place of residence in the state to the place of examination and return, from funds appropriated to the department for that purpose;

(6) develop and cooperate with other agencies in developing measures for the prevention of silicosis.

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