Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Administrative Enforcement of Support

Child Support Enforcement Services

40-5-203. Child support enforcement services. (1) The department may accept applications for child support enforcement services on behalf of persons who are not recipients of public assistance and may take appropriate action to establish or enforce support obligations against persons owing a duty to pay support.

(2) The department may establish by rule the terms and conditions by which services are provided under this section.

(3) If child support enforcement services are provided under this part to or for a child as a result of the payment of public assistance, the department shall continue to provide services after public assistance is no longer being paid, subject to the same conditions and on the same basis as in the case of other individuals to whom services are furnished under this section, without requiring an application, application fee, or other request for services. Acceptance of continued services constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions set for applicants by the department under this section.

(4) Services under this section, including information requests, are available to nonresidents on the same terms as residents of this state.

(5) The department may terminate services under this section if it:

(a) receives a written request for termination of services from the person to whom services are being provided;

(b) receives notice that the child is receiving public assistance; or

(c) determines that the person receiving services has violated any term or condition set by the department for an applicant under this section.

(6) For purposes of credit rating reports by the department, the department shall indicate if the withholding is for delinquent support or for regular monthly support obligations.

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