Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administrative Enforcement of Support

Application For Review Of Child Support Orders

40-5-272. Application for review of child support orders. (1) Upon the application of the department, the obligor, or the obligee, a support order issued by a district court of this state or by a court or administrative agency of another state, tribe, or foreign country as defined in 40-5-1002 or a previously issued administrative support order of this state may be reviewed by the department to determine whether the support order should be modified in accordance with the guidelines.

(2) Jurisdiction to conduct the review and to issue a modifying order under 40-5-273, 40-5-277, and 40-5-278 is authorized when:

(a) this state has issued the order and the obligor and the obligee reside in this state; or

(b) this state has jurisdiction as provided under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

(3) Jurisdiction to review a child support order under this section does not confer jurisdiction for any other purpose, such as custody or visitation disputes.

(4) Criteria constituting sufficient grounds for review of a child support order include:

(a) a substantial change in circumstances as defined by administrative rules;

(b) the need to provide for the child's health care needs, regardless of the availability of health insurance coverage through employment or other group insurance;

(c) a lapse of 36 months from the date that:

(i) the order was entered;

(ii) an administrative hearing was granted under 40-5-277; or

(iii) an administrative order was issued denying a modification because of the applicant's failure to meet one of the criteria described in this subsection (4); or

(d) a change in custody of the child.

(5) A party may withdraw the party's request for modification prior to the issuance of the notice described in 40-5-273. After the issuance of the notice, if a party withdraws a request for modification, the nonrequesting party may continue the modification action by filing with the department a written request to continue.

(6) The department shall make available procedures and forms that allow the obligor or the obligee to complete the review process without legal counsel.

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