Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Child Support Enforcement Act Administrative Income Withholding

Order To Withhold Income -- Rules

40-5-415. Order to withhold income -- rules. (1) When the requirements of this part have been met, the department shall serve an order or modification order to withhold and deliver income upon any payor or combination of payors. The order must:

(a) direct the payor and successor payors to withhold from the obligor's income each month the amount specified in the order if sufficient funds are available;

(b) direct the payor to deliver the amount withheld to the department in the same month in which the funds were withheld;

(c) state that the order is binding on the payor until further notice by the department;

(d) state the rights and duties of the payor under this part; and

(e) include a statement that the obligor is required under a support order to provide health insurance coverage for the obligor's child, if appropriate.

(2) An order or modification order to withhold and deliver the obligor's income made under this section is binding upon the payor immediately upon service of the order upon the payor. Service of the order or modification order to withhold may be made either personally, by certified mail, or by electronic service upon an entity that has entered into an agreement with the department to accept electronic service of an order entered under this part.

(3) Whenever there is more than one payor, the department may, in its discretion, apportion the total amount to be withheld each month among payors. Whenever an obligor's income is subject to withholding for more than one obligee, the department may consolidate the payments received each month and distribute the income among the obligees according to department rules.

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