Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Uniform Parentage Act

Birth Records

40-6-123. Birth records. (1) Upon order of a court of this state or upon request of a court of another state, the department of public health and human services shall prepare a substitute certificate of birth consistent with the findings of the court and shall substitute the new certificate for the original certificate of birth.

(2) The fact that the father and child relationship was declared after the child's birth may not be ascertainable from the new certificate, but the actual place and date of birth must be shown.

(3) The evidence upon which the new certificate was made and the original birth certificate must be kept in a sealed and confidential file and are subject to inspection only upon consent of the court and all interested persons or in exceptional cases only upon an order of the court for good cause shown.

History: En. 61-324 by Sec. 24, Ch. 512, L. 1975; R.C.M. 1947, 61-324; amd. Sec. 82, Ch. 418, L. 1995; amd. Sec. 148, Ch. 546, L. 1995.