Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Consent for Health Services

Emergencies And Special Situations

41-1-405. Emergencies and special situations. (1) A health professional may render or attempt to render emergency service or first aid, medical, surgical, dental, or psychiatric treatment, without compensation, to any injured person or any person regardless of age who is in need of immediate health care when, in good faith, the professional believes that the giving of aid is the only alternative to probable death or serious physical or mental damage.

(2) A health professional may render nonemergency services to minors for conditions that will endanger the health or life of the minor if services would be delayed by obtaining consent from spouse, parent, parents, or legal guardian.

(3) Consent may not be required of a minor who does not possess the mental capacity or who has a physical disability that renders the minor incapable of giving consent and who has no known relatives or legal guardians, if a physician determines that the health service should be given.

(4) Self-consent of minors does not apply to sterilization or abortion, except as provided in Title 50, chapter 20, part 5.

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