Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 14. Formal Proceeding -- Procedure

Victims And Witnesses Of Juvenile Felony Offenses -- Consultation -- Notification Of Proceedings

41-5-1416. Victims and witnesses of juvenile felony offenses -- consultation -- notification of proceedings. (1) The attorney general shall ensure that the services and assistance that must be provided under Title 46, chapter 24, to a victim or witness of a crime are also provided to the victim or witness of a juvenile felony offense.

(2) In a proceeding filed under this part, the county attorney or a designee shall consult with the victim of a juvenile felony offense regarding the disposition of the case, including:

(a) a dismissal of the petition filed under 41-5-1402;

(b) a reduction of the charge to misdemeanor;

(c) the release of the youth from detention or shelter care pending the adjudicatory hearing or pending a probable cause hearing. The consultation required by this subsection (2)(c) must take place prior to the youth's release, whether or not the county attorney or designee has received information from the victim under subsection (3)(a), unless the county attorney or designee is unable to contact the victim after making a good faith effort to contact the victim.

(d) the disposition of the youth.

(3) (a) Whenever possible, a person described in subsection (3)(b) who provides the appropriate agency with a current address and telephone number must receive prompt advance notification of youth court case proceedings, including:

(i) the filing of a petition under 41-5-1402;

(ii) the release of the youth from detention or shelter care; and

(iii) proceedings in the adjudication of the petition, including, when applicable, entry of a consent decree under 41-5-1501, the setting of a date for the adjudicatory hearing under 41-5-1502, the setting of a date for the dispositional hearing under 41-5-1511, the disposition made, and the release of the youth from a correctional facility.

(b) A person entitled to notification under this subsection (3) must be a victim, as defined in 41-5-103, of a juvenile felony offense.

(c) The county attorney or a designee who provides the consultation regarding the disposition of a case required in subsection (2) shall give the victim the opportunity to provide the victim's current telephone number and address and shall provide the victim with the name and address of the agency or agencies responsible for operation of youth detention, correctional, or shelter care facilities that are responsible for the custody of the youth.

(d) The appropriate official or agency shall provide the notification required by this subsection (3) in the same manner as required for offenses committed by adults.

(4) For purposes of this section, "juvenile felony offense" means an offense committed by a juvenile that, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony offense. The term includes any offense for which a juvenile may be declared a serious juvenile offender, as defined in 41-5-103.

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