Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 19. State Grants for Youth Detention Services

Application For Grants -- County Plans -- Obligation Of Counties Receiving Grants -- Review And Monitoring

41-5-1903. Application for grants -- county plans -- obligation of counties receiving grants -- review and monitoring. (1) In order to receive funds under 41-5-1902, a county shall submit an application to the board in a manner and form prescribed by the board.

(2) The application must include a written plan for providing youth detention services in the county. Each plan must include:

(a) an assessment of the need for services;

(b) a description of services to be provided, including alternatives to secure detention;

(c) the estimated number of youth who will receive services;

(d) criteria for the placement of youth in secure detention; and

(e) a budget describing proposed expenditures for youth detention services.

(3) If the application and plan are approved by the board, the county may receive a grant in the amount provided for in 41-5-1904.

(4) As a condition of receiving funds under 41-5-1902, each county shall, within a reasonable period of time, comply or substantially comply with state law and policies contained in the Montana Youth Court Act concerning the detention and placement of youth.

(5) The board shall periodically review and monitor counties receiving grants under 41-5-1902 to assure compliance or substantial compliance with the Montana Youth Court Act, as required under subsection (4). If, after notice and fair hearing, the board determines that a county is not in compliance or substantial compliance with the Montana Youth Court Act, the board shall terminate the grant to the county.

History: En. Sec. 9, Ch. 799, L. 1991; Sec. 41-5-1003, MCA 1995; redes. 41-5-1903 by Sec. 47, Ch. 286, L. 1997.