Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Powers and Duties of Chief Relating to Patrol Officers


44-1-303. Duties. The chief, with the approval of the attorney general and within the limits of any appropriation made available for the following purposes:

(1) shall designate the authority and responsibility in each rank, grade, and position;

(2) shall formulate standards, policies, and qualifications in the selection of recruit patrol officers;

(3) shall prescribe the official uniform of the Montana highway patrol;

(4) shall station employees in localities that the chief considers advisable for the enforcement of the traffic laws of this state;

(5) shall charge against each employee the value of property of the state lost or destroyed through the carelessness or neglect of the employee;

(6) shall discharge, demote, or temporarily suspend after hearing, as provided in parts 7 and 8 of this chapter, any patrol officer of the department;

(7) must have purchased or otherwise acquired by the purchasing department of the state motor vehicles and all other equipment and commodities that the chief considers essential to the efficient operation of the Montana highway patrol.

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