Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Government of Academy

Powers And Duties Of Department

44-10-202. Powers and duties of department. (1) The department of justice shall have the power and it shall be its duty to:

(a) establish qualifications for admission to the academy;

(b) select from among qualified applicants those officers and other individuals who are to attend the academy each year;

(c) except as provided in subsection (2), determine the curriculum and methods of training for officers and other individuals attending the academy;

(d) select and hire staff as it considers necessary to implement this chapter;

(e) establish rules for the conduct of officers and other individuals enrolled at the academy;

(f) award appropriate certificates to officers and other individuals who successfully complete their training;

(g) provide for the keeping of permanent records of enrollment, attendance, and graduation and other records as the department considers necessary;

(h) make a yearly report in writing of the activities of the academy. Copies of this report shall be sent to the governor, attorney general, and secretary of state.

(i) do all other things necessary and desirable for the establishment and operation of the academy not inconsistent with this chapter or the constitution and statutes of the state of Montana; and

(j) accept and expend grants from federal, state, county, and city governments or private persons, associations, or corporations.

(2) The curriculum referred to in subsection (1)(c) must include a specific section of instruction on constitutional law emphasizing the rights of the people as set forth in the bill of rights of the United States constitution and the rights contained in Article II of the Montana constitution.

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