Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Special Law Enforcement Assistance Account

Limitations On Use Of Special Law Enforcement Assistance Account

44-13-103. Limitations on use of special law enforcement assistance account. (1) After property is credited to the account, the attorney general may:

(a) transfer the property to any local or state law enforcement agency to be used for criminal investigation purposes;

(b) sell the property by public sale;

(c) destroy any illegal or controlled substances and sell or destroy raw materials, products, and equipment used or intended for use in manufacturing, compounding, or processing a controlled substance;

(d) compromise and pay claims against the property; and

(e) make any other disposition of the property authorized by law.

(2) Money and proceeds from property credited to the account may be used by the attorney general for:

(a) the payment of any expenses necessary to seize, detain, appraise, inventory, safeguard, maintain, advertise, or sell seized, detained, or forfeited property, including but not limited to payment for contract services and reimbursement to a federal, state, or local agency for its expenses;

(b) the payment of awards for information or assistance leading to a criminal proceeding or a civil forfeiture proceeding;

(c) the compromise and payment of claims against property;

(d) the payment of sums for criminal investigation purposes, including but not limited to:

(i) payment of informants;

(ii) use by undercover agents to purchase unlawful substances, including, without limitation, counterfeit or real controlled substances, pornographic materials, stolen property, or other contraband;

(iii) use by undercover agents as gambling front money; and

(iv) payment of overtime to state or local law enforcement officers when engaged in special criminal investigations;

(e) the payment for services for victims of crimes as provided in Title 53, chapter 9, part 1; and

(f) matching federal grants for criminal investigation purposes.

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