Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Criminal Mischief and Arson


45-6-103. Arson. (1) A person commits the offense of arson when, by means of fire or explosives, the person knowingly or purposely:

(a) damages or destroys a structure, vehicle, personal property (other than a vehicle) that exceeds $1,500 in value, crop, pasture, forest, or other real property that is property of another without consent;

(b) damages or destroys a structure, vehicle, crop, pasture, forest, or other property that the person owns or has a possessory interest in, with the purpose of obtaining a pecuniary or other gain through fraud or deception; or

(c) places another person in danger of death or bodily injury, including a firefighter responding to or at the scene of a fire or explosion.

(2) A person convicted of the offense of arson shall be imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 20 years or be fined an amount not to exceed $50,000, or both.

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