Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. The Amount of Bail

Bail Schedule -- Acceptance By Peace Officer

46-9-302. Bail schedule -- acceptance by peace officer. (1) A judge may establish and post a schedule of bail for offenses over which the judge has original jurisdiction. A person may not be released on bail without first appearing before the judge when the offense is:

(a) any assault on a partner or family member, as partner or family member is defined in 45-5-206;

(b) strangulation of a partner or family member, as defined in 45-5-215;

(c) stalking, as defined in 45-5-220;

(d) violation of an order of protection, as defined in 45-5-626; or

(e) violation of a no contact order, as defined in 45-5-209.

(2) A peace officer may:

(a) accept bail on behalf of a judge:

(i) in accordance with the bail schedule established under subsection (1); or

(ii) whenever the warrant of arrest specifies the amount of bail; or

(b) with the offender's permission, accept an unexpired driver's license in lieu of bail for a violation of any offense in Title 61, chapters 3 through 10, except chapter 8, part 4, as provided in subsection (4).

(3) Whenever a peace officer accepts bail, the officer shall give a signed receipt to the offender setting forth the bail received. The peace officer shall then deliver the bail to the judge before whom the offender is to appear, and the judge shall give a receipt to the peace officer for the bail delivered.

(4) Whenever a peace officer accepts an unexpired driver's license in lieu of bail, the peace officer shall give the offender a signed driving permit, in a form prescribed by the department. The permit must acknowledge the officer's acceptance of the offender's driver's license and serves as a valid temporary driving permit authorizing the operation of a motor vehicle by the offender. The permit is effective as of the date the permit is signed and remains in effect through the date of the appearance listed on the permit. The peace officer shall deliver the driver's license to the judge before whom the offender is to appear, and the judge shall give the peace officer a receipt acknowledging delivery of the offender's driver's license to the court. After the filing of the complaint and the appearance of the defendant, the judge shall assume jurisdiction and may extend the date of the driving permit for a period of up to 6 months from the defendant's initial appearance date.

(5) The judge shall return a driver's license that has been accepted in lieu of bail to a defendant:

(a) after the required bail has been posted or there has been a final determination of the charge; and

(b) if the defendant pleaded guilty or was convicted, after a $25 administrative fee has been paid to the court.

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