Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Furnishing Bail

Forms Of Bail

46-9-401. Forms of bail. (1) Bail may be furnished in the following ways:

(a) by a deposit with the court of an amount equal to the required bail of cash, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, or other personal property approved by the court;

(b) by pledging real estate situated within the state with an unencumbered equity, not exempt, owned by the defendant or sureties at a value double the amount of the required bail;

(c) by posting a written undertaking executed by the defendant and by two sufficient sureties;

(d) by posting a commercial surety bond executed by the defendant and by a qualified agent for and on behalf of the surety company; or

(e) by posting an offender's driver's license in lieu of bail if the summons describes a violation of any offense as provided in 61-5-214 and if the offender is the holder of an unexpired driver's license.

(2) The amount of the bond must ensure the appearance of the defendant at all times required through all stages of the proceeding including trial de novo, if any, and unless the bond is denied by the court pursuant to 46-9-107, must remain in effect until final sentence is pronounced in open court.

(3) Whenever a driver's license is accepted in lieu of bail, the judge shall return the driver's license to the defendant:

(a) after the required bail has been posted or there has been a final determination of the charge; and

(b) if the defendant pleaded guilty or was convicted, after a $25 administrative fee has been paid to the court.

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