Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Subpoenas and Witnesses


46-15-101. Subpoenas. (1) After the filing of charges and upon the request of the prosecuting attorney, the defendant, or the defendant's attorney, the clerk of the court shall issue subpoenas with the name of the person to whom each subpoena is directed, commanding the person to appear and to give testimony. The court shall maintain a list of the names of the persons to whom subpoenas are issued.

(2) A subpoena must state the name of the court and the title, if any, of the proceeding and must command each person to whom it is directed to attend and give testimony at the time and place specified in the subpoena. The time and place may be modified by mutual written agreement of the parties or by an amended subpoena issued by the clerk of the court.

(3) The court, upon a timely motion, may quash or modify a subpoena if compliance would be unreasonable or oppressive.

(4) A subpoena remains in effect unless quashed or until judgment, dismissal, or other final determination of the action by the court in which the action was filed or to which the action was transferred.

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