Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Subpoenas and Witnesses

Fees, Costs, And Expenses

46-15-116. Fees, costs, and expenses. (1) When a person attends before a judge, grand jury, or court as a witness in a criminal case upon a subpoena, the witness must receive the witness fee prescribed by Title 26, chapter 2, part 5, except as otherwise provided in this section.

(2) The court may determine the reasonable and necessary expenses of subpoenaed witnesses for an indigent defendant not represented by a public defender, as defined in 47-1-103, and order the clerk of court to pay the expenses.

(3) When a person is subpoenaed in this state to testify in another state or is subpoenaed from another state to testify in this state, the person must be paid for lodging, mileage or travel, and per diem, the sum equal to that allowed by Title 2, chapter 18, part 5, for each day that the person is required to travel and attend as a witness. If the state where the witness is found has by statute required that the subpoenaed witness be paid an amount in excess of the amount specified in this section, the witness may be paid the amount required by that state.

(4) The witness fees, costs, and expenses must be paid as provided in 26-2-506.

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