Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Peremptory Challenges

46-16-116. Peremptory challenges. (1) Each defendant is allowed eight peremptory challenges in capital cases and six in all other cases tried in the district court before a 12-person jury. There may not be additional challenges for separate counts charged in the indictment or information.

(2) If the indictment or information charges a capital offense as well as lesser offenses in separate counts, the maximum number of challenges is eight.

(3) The state is allowed the same number of peremptory challenges as all of the defendants.

(4) In a criminal case tried before a six-person jury, the prosecution and all the defendants are allowed three peremptory challenges each.

(5) When the parties in a criminal case in the district court agree upon a jury consisting of a number of persons other than 6 or 12, they shall also agree in writing upon the number of peremptory challenges to be allowed.

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