Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Method of Execution

Commitment Of Defendant -- Transfer Of Information In Possession Of Sheriff -- Notification To Court Of Delay

46-19-101. Commitment of defendant -- transfer of information in possession of sheriff -- notification to court of delay. (1) Upon oral pronouncement of a sentence imposing punishment of imprisonment, commitment to the department of corrections, placement in a prerelease center, community corrections facility, or other place of confinement, or death, the court shall commit the defendant to the custody of the sheriff, who shall deliver the defendant to the place of confinement, commitment, or execution and give that place an order, which must be signed by the sentencing judge on the date of oral pronouncement of sentence, stating that the defendant is sentenced to that place for imprisonment, commitment, placement, or execution, as the case may be. The order is authority for that place to hold the defendant pending receipt by that place of a copy of the written judgment.

(2) When a sheriff delivers the defendant to the place of confinement, commitment, or execution, the sheriff shall deliver at the same time all information in the possession of the sheriff regarding the physical and mental health of the defendant, including health information contained in a presentence investigation report.

(3) If a defendant is sentenced to prison or another place of confinement operated by or under contract with the department of corrections or is committed to the department and the offender is not transported to the placement within 10 days of receipt of sentencing documents, the department shall notify the court in writing of the reason for the delay.

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