Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Executive Clemency

Authority Of Governor To Grant Respite -- Application

46-23-315. Authority of governor to grant respite -- application. The governor has the power to grant respites after conviction and judgment for any offenses committed against the criminal laws of the state for the time that the governor thinks proper. The governor may grant a respite upon application of a person authorized to apply for executive clemency and prior to any review or recommendation by the board of pardons and parole. A respite must be of temporary duration for a definite period of time. Any respite that is granted that stays the execution of a death warrant has the effect of postponing the execution of the warrant. In that case, if clemency is not granted, the death warrant is again in effect at the expiration of the period of respite and the execution must take place on the date of expiration of the respite.

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