Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Registration of Sexual and Violent Offenders

Release Of Sexual Or Violent Offender From Place Of Confinement -- Duties Of Official In Charge

46-23-503. Release of sexual or violent offender from place of confinement -- duties of official in charge. (1) A sexual or violent offender who is released from the custody of the department of corrections must be informed in writing not less than 10 days prior to release of the duty to register under this part by the official in charge of the place of confinement.

(2) Prior to the offender's release from custody, the official shall obtain and give to the department of justice and to the sheriff of the county in which the offender intends to reside or, if the offender intends to reside in a municipality, to the chief of police of the municipality:

(a) the address at which the offender intends to reside upon release from the department's custody;

(b) the offender's fingerprints and photo, unless they are already in the possession of the department of justice, sheriff, or chief of police; and

(c) a form signed by and read to or by the offender stating that the offender's duty to register under this part has been explained to the offender.

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