Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Prohibited Discriminatory Practices

Maternity Leave -- Unlawful Acts Of Employers

49-2-310. Maternity leave -- unlawful acts of employers. It is unlawful for an employer or an employer's agent to:

(1) terminate a woman's employment because of the woman's pregnancy;

(2) refuse to grant to the employee a reasonable leave of absence for the pregnancy;

(3) deny to the employee who is disabled as a result of pregnancy any compensation to which the employee is entitled as a result of the accumulation of disability or leave benefits accrued pursuant to plans maintained by the employer, provided that the employer may require disability as a result of pregnancy to be verified by medical certification that the employee is not able to perform employment duties; or

(4) require that an employee take a mandatory maternity leave for an unreasonable length of time.

History: En. 41-2602 by Sec. 2, Ch. 320, L. 1975; R.C.M. 1947, 41-2602(1); amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 285, L. 1983; MCA 1981, 39-7-203; redes. 49-2-310 by Sec. 2, Ch. 285, L. 1983; amd. Sec. 1800, Ch. 56, L. 2009.