Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Disability Parking Permits

Disability License Plate Or Placard To Be Provided And Displayed -- Additional Placards Allowed -- Rulemaking Required

49-4-304. Disability license plate or placard to be provided and displayed -- additional placards allowed -- rulemaking required. (1) Except as authorized in 49-4-303, unless the department of justice issued a disability license plate under 61-3-332(9) or 61-3-458(4)(b) or (4)(i) indicating an accessible parking privilege, the department shall provide a placard to be displayed on or in a motor vehicle to indicate a parking privilege granted under this part. The disability license plate must be affixed to the vehicle according to 61-3-301, or the placard must be prominently displayed in the windshield of a vehicle when the parking privilege is being used by the person with a disability in a vehicle other than the one to which a disability license plate is affixed.

(2) Subject to the provisions of 49-4-301 through 49-4-305, a person who is eligible to receive a disability parking permit may apply to the department for one or more placards.

(3) The department shall issue up to two placards to eligible individuals and may issue additional placards. The department shall adopt rules to determine the process for an individual to request additional placards.

(4) Upon application under 49-4-301, a person with a disability who does not hold a driver's license or does not own a vehicle may receive a placard to be displayed in a vehicle in which the person with a disability is being conveyed when the parking privilege is being used.

(5) The placard must bear a representation of a wheelchair as the symbol of a person with a disability.

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