Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Licensing

Licensing Assisted Living Facilities

50-5-227. Licensing assisted living facilities. (1) The department shall by rule adopt standards for licensing and operation of assisted living facilities to implement the provisions of 50-5-225 and 50-5-226.

(2) The department may deny, suspend, or revoke the license of an assisted living facility if the department finds a demonstrated pattern of noncompliance with the employee background check requirements of 50-5-225.

(3) The following licensing categories must be used by the department in adopting rules under subsection (1):

(a) category A facility serving residents requiring the level of care as provided for in 50-5-226(2);

(b) category B facility providing skilled nursing care or other skilled services to five or fewer residents who meet the requirements stated in 50-5-226(3);

(c) category C facility providing services to residents with cognitive impairments requiring the level of care stated in 50-5-226(4); or

(d) category D facility providing services to residents with mental disorders who may be a temporary harm to themselves or others and who require the level of care stated in 50-5-226(5).

(4) (a) A single facility meeting the applicable requirements for a category A facility may additionally be licensed to provide category B or category C services with the approval of the department.

(b) If a single facility meeting the applicable requirements as provided in subsection (4)(a) further seeks to be licensed as a category D facility, the facility shall provide documentation that indicates the facility can keep all residents safe.

(5) The department may by rule establish license fees, inspection fees, and fees for patient screening. Fees must be reasonably related to service costs.

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