Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Certificate of Need

Period Of Validity Of Approved Application

50-5-305. Period of validity of approved application. (1) A certificate of need expires:

(a) 1 year after the decision to issue it is final if the applicant has not commenced construction on a project requiring construction or has not incurred an enforceable capital expenditure commitment for a project not requiring construction;

(b) 1 year after the date the project is commenced plus the estimated period of time for completion shown in the application if the approved project is not complete; or

(c) when the department determines, after opportunity for a hearing, that the holder of the certificate of need has violated the provisions of this chapter, rules adopted under this chapter, or the terms of the certificate of need.

(2) For purposes of subsection (1)(a), if a reconsideration hearing is granted or an appeal filed under 50-5-306, the final decision will be that following the hearing or resolving the appeal.

(3) The holder of an unexpired certificate of need subject to expiration under the circumstances specified in subsection (1)(a) or (1)(b) may apply to the department to extend the term of the certificate of need for one additional period not to exceed 6 months. The department may grant an extension upon the applicant's demonstrating good cause as defined by department rule.

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