Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Development of Program

Powers Of Department

50-6-103. Powers of department. (1) The department of public health and human services is authorized to confer and cooperate with any other persons, organizations, and governmental agencies that have an interest in the emergency medical services program and community-integrated health care.

(2) The department is authorized to accept, receive, expend, and administer any funds that are now available or that may be donated, granted, or appropriated to the department.

(3) The department may, after consultation with the trauma care committee, the Montana committee on trauma of the American college of surgeons, the Montana hospital association, and the Montana medical association, adopt rules necessary to implement part 4 of this chapter.

(4) The department shall continually assess and, as needed, revise the functions and components that it regulates to improve the quality of emergency medical services and to ensure that the emergency medical services program adapts to the changing community-integrated health care needs of the citizens of Montana.

(5) The department shall collaborate with other components of the health care system to fully integrate the emergency medical services program into the overall health care system.

(6) As part of the collaboration under subsection (5), the department shall provide guidance to ambulance services and nontransporting medical units regarding their choice whether or not to engage in community-integrated health care beyond offering emergency medical services.

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