Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Certified Copy Fees -- Transfer

50-15-111. Certified copy fees -- transfer. (1) The department shall prescribe, by rule, a fee for:

(a) a certified copy of certificates or records other than a death certificate;

(b) a search of files or records when a copy is not made;

(c) a copy of information provided for statistical or administrative purposes as allowed by law;

(d) the replacement of a birth certificate subsequent to adoption, legitimation, paternity determination or acknowledgment, or court order;

(e) filing a delayed registration of a vital event;

(f) the amendment of a vital record, after 1 year from the date of filing; and

(g) other services specified by this chapter or by rule.

(2) (a) The minimum fee for a death certificate must be:

(i) $16 for each certified copy, including any additional certified copies requested at the same time as the first certified copy; and

(ii) $14 for each informational copy of a death certificate.

(b) The department may, by rule, prescribe a fee for a death certificate that is higher than the minimum fee listed in subsection (2)(a).

(3) Fees received under subsection (1) must be deposited in the state special revenue fund to be used by the department for:

(a) the maintenance of indexes to vital records;

(b) the preservation of vital records; and

(c) the administration of the system of vital statistics.

(4) For fees received under subsection (2)(a), the department shall:

(a) transfer $1 of each fee to the department of labor and industry for use as provided in 37-19-204; and

(b) deposit the remainder of the fee in the state special revenue fund to be used by the department for the purposes listed in subsection (3).

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