Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Death

Authorization For Removal Of Body From Place Of Death

50-15-405. Authorization for removal of body from place of death. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), a dead body may be removed from the place of death only upon the written authorization or oral authorization, which must be reduced to writing within 24 hours, of the physician in attendance at death or the physician's designee, the advanced practice registered nurse in attendance at death, the coroner having jurisdiction, or a mortician licensed under 37-19-302.

(2) If the death requires inquiry under 46-4-122, the written authorization may only be granted by the coroner having jurisdiction or the coroner's designee or by the state medical examiner if the coroner fails to act. However, when the only reason for inquiry under 46-4-122 is that the body is to be cremated, the coroner may grant oral authorization for cremation of the body, which must be reduced to writing as specified under subsection (1) by the coroner.

(3) The written authorization to move a dead body or, when applicable, to cremate a dead body must be made in quadruplicate on a form provided by the department. The person in charge of disposition of the dead body, the coroner having jurisdiction, and the local registrar must each be provided with and retain a copy of the authorization. A fourth copy may accompany the body to final disposition, as necessary.

(4) A written authorization issued under this section permits removal, transportation, and final disposition of a dead body.

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