Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Findings And Purpose Of Regulation Or Guidelines

50-51-101. Findings and purpose of regulation or guidelines. (1) It is found that the welfare of the public is benefited by regulation or voluntary guidelines for the operation of establishments providing lodging space accommodations and for persons providing accommodations in order to prevent or eliminate unsanitary and unhealthful conditions and practices, which conditions and practices may endanger public health. It is further found that the regulation of or application of voluntary guidelines to establishments providing lodging space accommodations is in the interest of social well-being and the health and safety of the state and all of its people.

(2) The legislature recognizes that there is a wide disparity in the type of establishments, especially in the size, the time of year at which the establishments operate, and the ability of small establishments with few employees and a limited operating season to conform to the same standards to which larger establishments are required to conform. These factors must be considered, especially in the operation of small or seasonal businesses that are such an important part of Montana's tourism business. For these reasons, the legislature believes that department actions must be tailored to properly and reasonably address differences in the size, location, purpose, and time of year of operation of certain small or seasonal establishments. The legislature believes that guidelines to assist these small and seasonal establishments with addressing basic health standards are appropriate, rather than regulations. The guidelines should be voluntary and address basic health standards and should not detract from the rustic, out-of-doors experience offered by many guest ranches and outfitter and guide facilities and desired by many tourists. The legislature is also aware that most of these small and seasonal establishments such as guest ranches and outfitting and guide facilities have not been subject to department regulation. While voluntary guidance from the department on basic public health concerns may benefit these establishments, regulation is not warranted.

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