Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Electrical Installations


50-60-602. Exceptions. (1) This part does not apply to:

(a) the installation, alteration, or repair of electrical signal or communications equipment and traffic signals, street lighting, and other electrical traffic control devices owned or operated by a public utility, city, or county or the state;

(b) electrical installations on the premises of petroleum refineries, except a structure classified under chapter 7, section 701, group B, division 2, and chapter 9, section 901, group H, outside of process units, of the 1991 edition of the Uniform Building Code;

(c) mines and buildings on mine property regulated under Title 82, chapter 4, and subject to inspection under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act; or

(d) the installation, alteration, or repair of low-voltage electrical signal and communications equipment and optical fiber cable.

(2) The inspection provisions of this part do not apply to regularly employed maintenance electricians doing maintenance work on the business premises of their employer nor do they apply to line work on the business premises of the employer or to ordinary and customary in-plant or onsite installations, modifications, additions, or repairs.

(3) A person who plugs in an electrical appliance where an approved electrical outlet is already installed may not be considered as an installer.

(4) This part does not in any manner interfere with, hamper, preclude, or prohibit any vendor of any electrical appliance from selling, delivering, and connecting any electrical appliance if the connection does not necessitate the installation of electrical wiring of the structure where the appliance is to be connected.

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