Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Electrical Installations

Inspections -- Electrical Permits -- Fees

50-60-604. Inspections -- electrical permits -- fees. The department of labor and industry or an authorized representative or a county, city, or town certified to perform an inspection pursuant to 50-60-302 shall inspect electrical installations, issue electrical permits for these installations, and establish and charge a reasonable and uniform fee for the inspections. The fee must be commensurate with the expense of providing the inspection and with appropriations for other purposes. As part of any inspection, the inspector shall require proof of licensure from any person who is required to be licensed who is involved with or, in the inspector's judgment, appears to be involved with electrical installations if the person is on the site. The inspector shall report any instance of license violation to the inspector's employing agency, and the employing agency shall in turn report the violation to the board of electricians.

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