Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Initial Investigation

Notification To Department Of Justice -- Reports To Be Filed

50-63-203. Notification to department of justice -- reports to be filed. (1) If it appears that a fire was of suspicious origin, if there was a loss of human life, or if it is determined that a criminal investigation is necessary, the official responsible for the investigation shall notify the department of justice and the appropriate law enforcement agency within 24 hours and shall file with the department a written report of the cause within 10 days.

(2) If the property was insured, as soon as any adjustment has been made, a person representing the insurance company shall notify the department of justice of the amount of adjustment and the apparent cause and circumstances of the fire.

(3) Each official responsible for investigating fires shall file with the department of justice a fire incident report on each fire. Reports must be made on forms provided by the department and must contain information prescribed by the department. These reports must be sent to the department on a monthly basis or at intervals determined by the department.

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