Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Exemptions -- Sources, Diagnosis, And Therapy

50-79-104. Exemptions -- sources, diagnosis, and therapy. (1) This chapter does not apply to the following sources or conditions:

(a) electrical equipment that is not intended primarily to produce radiation and that, by nature of design, does not produce radiation at the point of nearest approach at a weekly rate higher than one-tenth the appropriate limit for any critical organ exposed. The production testing or production servicing of such equipment is not exempt.

(b) radiation machines during process of manufacture or in storage or transit;

(c) any radioactive material while being transported in conformity with regulations adopted by the nuclear regulatory commission or any successor thereto or the interstate commerce commission and specifically applicable to the transportation of such radioactive materials.

(2) No exemptions under this section are granted for those quantities or types of activities that do not comply with the established rules promulgated by the nuclear regulatory commission or by any successor thereto.

(3) The provisions of this chapter may not be construed to limit the kind or amount of radiation that may be intentionally applied to a person for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes by or under the direction of a licensed practitioner of the healing arts.

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