Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General

Powers And Duties Of Department

52-1-103. Powers and duties of department. The department shall:

(1) administer and supervise all forms of child and adult protective services;

(2) act as the lead agency in coordinating and planning services to children with multiagency service needs;

(3) establish a system of councils at the state and local levels to make recommendations and to advise the department on issues, including children's issues;

(4) provide the following functions, as necessary, for youth in need of care:

(a) intake, investigation, case management, and client supervision;

(b) placement in youth care facilities;

(c) contracting for necessary services;

(d) protective services day care; and

(e) adoption;

(5) register or license youth care facilities, child-placing agencies, day-care facilities, community homes for persons with developmental disabilities, community homes for severely disabled persons, and adult foster care facilities;

(6) act as lead agency in implementing and coordinating child-care programs and services under the Montana Child Care Act;

(7) administer the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children;

(8) (a) administer child abuse prevention services funded through child abuse grants and the Montana children's trust fund provided for in Title 52, chapter 7, part 1; and

(b) administer vulnerable adult abuse prevention services;

(9) develop a statewide youth services and resources plan that takes into consideration local needs;

(10) administer services to older adults;

(11) provide consultant services to:

(a) facilities providing care for adults who are needy, indigent, or dependent or who have disabilities; and

(b) youth care facilities;

(12) use the staff and services of other state agencies and units of the Montana university system, within their respective statutory functions, to carry out its functions under this title;

(13) contract, as necessary, for administration of child and adult protection services for each county; and

(14) adopt rules necessary to carry out the purposes of 52-2-612 and this chapter.

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