Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Child Care

Duties Of Department

52-2-704. Duties of department. (1) The department is responsible for planning, implementing, and coordinating programs under the Montana Child Care Act.

(2) The department shall:

(a) assess child-care needs and resources within the state;

(b) develop a state child-care plan;

(c) coordinate child-care programs administered by all state agencies;

(d) issue licenses to persons to receive children into a day-care center on a regular basis;

(e) prescribe the conditions and publish minimum standards upon which licenses and registration certificates are issued;

(f) adopt rules for day-care facilities consistent with the purposes of this part;

(g) adopt rules for day-care centers that provide day care on an irregular basis, which includes exceptions regarding requirements for immunization records and staffing ratios; and

(h) issue registration certificates to a person or persons to receive children into a family day-care home or group day-care home on a regular basis.

(3) The department may:

(a) enter into interagency agreements to administer and coordinate child-care programs;

(b) accept any federal funds made available for the improvement or promotion of child-care services within the state;

(c) administer any state and federal funds that may be appropriated for the purposes of the part; and

(d) issue a license to a person to receive children into a day-care center on an irregular basis if the person chooses to apply for licensure.

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