Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 7. Child Care

Requirements For Licensure

52-2-723. Requirements for licensure. (1) The department shall include in the minimum standards for day-care centers the following requirements:

(a) The applicant, the applicant's employees, and all those persons who will come in direct contact with the children are of good character.

(b) The staff of the day-care facility is sufficient in number as provided by rule to provide adequate supervision and care of the children in the facility.

(c) Essential programs and practices carried on by the facility staff are developed and carried out with due regard for the protection of the health, safety, development, and well-being of the children.

(d) Applicant and staff are qualified by practical experience or education or training to give good care and treatment to the children.

(e) Intake records are kept on each child admitted for care.

(f) The applicant and staff limit admissions to the maximum number indicated on the current license.

(g) The applicant will arrange for the necessary precautions to guard against communicable diseases.

(h) Public liability insurance and fire insurance are currently in force for the protection of the operator, the staff, and the facility.

(i) The ages and numbers of children that may be cared for in a day-care facility are specified.

(2) It is the duty of the department or its authorized representative to assist applicants in meeting the minimum requirements.

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