Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Child Care

Standards For Day Care

52-2-731. Standards for day care. In developing standards, the department shall seek the advice and assistance of the superintendent of public instruction, representatives of day-care facilities, specialists in child care, and representatives of parent groups who use the services of day-care facilities. The standards may pertain to:

(1) character, suitability, and qualifications of an applicant and other persons directly responsible for the care of children;

(2) the number of individuals or staff required for adequate supervision and care of children in day-care facilities;

(3) child-care programs and practices necessary to ensure the health, safety, safety in transportation, development, and well-being of children;

(4) adequate and appropriate admission policies;

(5) adequacy of physical facilities and equipment;

(6) general financial ability and competence of an applicant to provide necessary care for children and maintain prescribed standards;

(7) the ages and numbers of children that may be cared for in a day-care facility.

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