Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Child Care

Health Protection -- Certification Required

52-2-735. Health protection -- certification required. (1) The department shall adopt rules for the protection of children in day-care centers from the health hazards of inadequate food preparation, poor nutrition, and communicable diseases. Rules adopted by the department must include rules requiring children under 5 years of age to be immunized against Haemophilus influenza type "b" before being admitted for care in the facility unless an exemption has been claimed as provided in 20-5-405.

(2) Local public health authorities shall arrange to provide training to day-care center providers and employees regarding health hazards. Upon successful completion of the training the local public health authorities shall issue certificates to the providers and employees.

(3) In lieu of training, local public health authorities may elect to inspect facilities and issue certificates of approval to child-care center providers.

(4) Each applicant for a license to operate a day-care center shall submit to the department a certificate issued pursuant to subsection (2) or (3) before the department will issue a license.

(5) The local public health authority may charge the applicant a reasonable fee, not to exceed $25, for any inspection necessary to issue a certificate of approval, or a fee not to exceed the documented cost for training it provides under this section.

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