Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Youthful Offenders

Conditional Release Agreement

52-5-126. Conditional release agreement. (1) At least 30 days before a youth is released by the department of corrections from a correctional facility to the supervision, custody, and control of the youth court, the department, youth, and juvenile probation officer assigned to the youth shall develop a conditional release agreement for the youth.

(2) At least 14 days before the youth is released, the department, youth, and juvenile probation officer shall finalize and sign the conditional release agreement. The agreement must contain a statement advising the youth of the youth's rights under 41-5-1430 and the terms and conditions that may result in a revocation of the youth's conditional release.

(3) A conditional release agreement for a youth released from a correctional facility for commitment to a mental health facility pursuant to Title 53, chapter 21, part 1, must remain in effect until the youth court no longer has custody of the youth.

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