Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 6. Department of Public Health and Human Services

Department Of Public Health And Human Services

53-1-602. Department of public health and human services. (1) The following components are in the department of public health and human services to carry out the purposes of the department:

(a) mental health services, consisting of the following institutional components for care and treatment of the mentally ill pursuant to Title 53, chapter 21:

(i) the Montana state hospital; and

(ii) the Montana mental health nursing care center;

(b) a community services component, consisting of appropriate services for the care and treatment of the mentally ill pursuant to Title 53, chapter 21, part 10;

(c) chemical dependency services, consisting of appropriate detoxification, inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient, prevention, education, and other necessary chemical dependency services pursuant to Title 53, chapter 24;

(d) an institutional and residential component of the developmental disabilities system for those persons with developmental disabilities who require institutional or residential care according to Title 53, chapter 20, which component consists of the Montana developmental center; and

(e) the veterans' nursing homes for the nursing home and domiciliary care of honorably discharged veterans as provided by law, consisting of:

(i) the Montana veterans' home;

(ii) the eastern Montana veterans' home at Glendive; and

(iii) the southwestern Montana veterans' home.

(2) A state institution may not be moved, discontinued, or abandoned without the consent of the legislature.

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