Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Medical Assistance -- Medicaid

Report And Recommendations On Medicaid Funding

53-6-110. Report and recommendations on medicaid funding. (1) As a part of the information required in 17-7-111, the department of public health and human services shall submit a report concerning medicaid funding for the next biennium. This report must include at least the following elements:

(a) analysis of past and present funding levels for the various categories and types of health services eligible for medicaid reimbursement;

(b) projected increased medicaid funding needs for the next biennium. These projections must identify the effects of projected population growth and demographic patterns on at least the following elements:

(i) trends in unit costs for services, including inflation;

(ii) trends in use of services;

(iii) trends in medicaid recipient levels; and

(iv) the effects of new and projected long-term care facilities and services for which a need has been identified in the state long-term care facilities plan.

(2) As an integral part of the report, the department of public health and human services shall present a recommendation of funding levels for the medicaid program. The recommendation need not be consistent with the state health care facilities plan.

(3) In making its appropriations for medicaid funding, the legislature shall specify the portions of medicaid funding anticipated to be allocated to specific categories and types of health care services.

(4) Beginning November 15 of each year through June 15 of the following year, the department of public health and human services shall provide to the legislative fiscal analyst monthly reports containing estimates of the cost for medicaid services and a budget status report for all department programs. The department shall also provide a fiscal yearend summary of medicaid costs and the department budget status report prior to the first legislative finance committee meeting following the end of the fiscal year. The reports must be presented in a format mutually agreed to by the legislative fiscal analyst and the department. The department shall provide the yearend summaries to the legislature in accordance with 5-11-210.

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