Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Sheltered Workshops


53-7-202. Definitions. (1) "Department" means the department of public health and human services.

(2) "Severe disability" means a severe physical or mental impairment that seriously limits a person's functional capacities in respect to obtaining employment.

(3) "Sheltered employment" means a recognized program of rehabilitation, remunerative employment, or other occupational rehabilitating activity of an educational or therapeutic nature provided by a nonprofit sheltered workshop provider. Sheltered employment includes job skills and social skills training and remunerative employment.

(4) "Supervised work program" means a program providing guidance in learning and achieving the requirements of job performance through work activity, sheltered employment, and supported employment.

(5) "Support services" means continuous or periodic job skills training provided to a person at a worksite to enable the person to perform work. Support services also include services away from the worksite that are necessary to allow a person with a severe disability to participate in a supervised work program, such as transportation, direction and assistance in functional skills, and counseling for family members.

(6) "Supported employment" means competitive work in an integrated work setting for a person with a severe disability who is in need of assistance in order to become employed or remain employed. Supported employment includes assessment, preplacement preparation, job development, job placement, job skills training, and support services.

(7) "Work activity" means therapeutic work-related activities provided by a nonprofit work activity center provider to persons whose physical or mental impairment is so severe as to make their productive capacity inconsequential. Therapeutic work-related activities include training in basic skills of living and any purposeful activity so long as work or production is not the main purpose.

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