Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Treatment

Procedural Rights -- Appointment Of Counsel

53-20-112. Procedural rights -- appointment of counsel. (1) A respondent has all the rights accorded to a person subject to involuntary commitment proceedings under the laws of this state relating to involuntary commitment of a person who suffers from a mental disorder and who requires commitment, as provided in 53-21-115 through 53-21-118.

(2) In addition, the parents or guardian of a respondent has the right to:

(a) be present at any hearing held pursuant to this part;

(b) be represented by counsel in any hearing;

(c) offer evidence and cross-examine witnesses in any hearing; and

(d) have the respondent examined by a professional of the parents' or guardian's choice when a professional is reasonably available unless the person chosen is objected to by the respondent or by a responsible person appointed by the court.

(3) Upon receipt of a petition for commitment, recommitment, or emergency commitment, the court shall order the office of the state public defender, provided for in 2-15-1029, to assign counsel for the respondent. If the parents are indigent and the parents request it or if the guardian is indigent and the guardian requests it, the court shall order the office of state public defender to assign counsel for the parents or guardian pending a determination of indigence pursuant to 47-1-111.

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