Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Community-Based Services

Community Services

53-20-205. Community services. (1) The department may establish and administer community comprehensive services, programs, clinics, or other facilities throughout the state for the purpose of aiding in the prevention, diagnosis, amelioration, or treatment of developmental disabilities. Programs, clinics, or other services may be provided directly by state agencies or indirectly through contract or cooperative arrangements with other agencies of government, regional or local, private or public agencies, private professional persons, or accredited health or long-term care facilities.

(2) (a) The department may contract for programs for developmental disabilities services. Contracts entered into by the department must contain specific conditions for performance by the contractor. The department shall set minimum standards for programs and establish appropriate qualifications for persons employed in the programs.

(b) A contract for case management services targeted for people with developmental disabilities must include funding to allow for an average caseload of no more than 35 clients per case manager.

(3) All developmental disabilities facilities and services must comply with existing federal guidelines and with requirements that will enable the services and facilities to qualify for available aid funds. However, this section does not require facilities serving persons with developmental disabilities to meet the same or equal standards as licensed medical facilities unless the developmental disabilities facility is providing professional or skilled medical care.

(4) Comprehensive services, programs, clinics, or other facilities established or provided by the department under this part must conform as nearly as possible to the plans of the council created under 2-15-1869.

(5) The department may promote scientific and medical research investigations relative to the incidence, cause, prevention, and care of persons with developmental disabilities.

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