Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Community-Based Services

Military Dependents -- Eligibility And Placement Determinations

53-20-223. Military dependents -- eligibility and placement determinations. (1) If a military dependent is eligible for home and community-based developmental disability services while physically present in the state, the department shall reinstate the dependent's eligibility and placement status when the dependent returns to the state if the military service member provides proof acceptable to the department that:

(a) the military service member was on military assignment outside the state, was a legal resident of the state before the military assignment, and maintained residency in the state while on the military assignment;

(b) the military service member and military dependent are physically present in the state and intend to reside permanently in the state while the dependent is receiving services;

(c) the military service member returned to the state within 18 months of separating from military service; and

(d) the military dependent is not eligible for coverage of home and community-based services under another health insurance plan.

(2) (a) Upon the military dependent's return to the state, the department shall reinstate the dependent's eligibility status without a further redetermination of eligibility unless the state's eligibility requirements have changed while the dependent was out of the state.

(b) If the eligibility requirements have changed, the military dependent shall retain eligibility for services until eligibility under the new requirements has been determined.

(3) (a) If the military dependent was on a waiting list for services at the time the dependent left the state due to the military service member's military assignment, the department shall determine the military dependent's place on the waiting list as if the dependent had remained in the state during the time of the military assignment.

(b) If the department finds that the military dependent would be immediately eligible for services upon return to the state, the department shall place the dependent in services as soon as an opening occurs. The department may not remove a person from services in order to place a military dependent in services.

(4) Upon the military dependent's return to the state and when a request for services is made, the department shall notify the dependent of the availability of services and any changes in eligibility requirements. The department shall provide due process through the appeals processes established by the department.

(5) To continue eligibility under this section, the military dependent must inform the department of the dependent's current address and provide updates as requested by the department.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 451, L. 2015.