Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 12. Jail Diversion and Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention Programs -- Rulemaking Authority

53-21-1202. Crisis intervention programs -- rulemaking authority. (1) The department shall, subject to available appropriations for the purposes of this part, establish crisis intervention programs. The programs must be designed to provide 24-hour emergency admission and care of persons suffering from a mental disorder and requiring commitment in a temporary, safe environment in the community as an alternative to placement in jail.

(2) The department shall provide information and technical assistance regarding needed services and assist counties and federally recognized tribal governments in developing plans for crisis intervention services and for the provision of alternatives to jail placement.

(3) The department may provide crisis intervention programs as:

(a) a rehabilitative service under 53-6-101(4)(j); and

(b) a targeted case management service authorized in 53-6-101(4)(o).

(4) The department shall adopt rules to:

(a) implement the grant program provided for in 53-21-1203;

(b) contract for detention beds pursuant to 53-21-1204; and

(c) pay for short-term inpatient treatment that is provided pursuant to 53-21-1205.

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