Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administration by Department of Public Health and Human Services

Administration Of Financial Assistance

53-24-206. Administration of financial assistance. (1) The department may apply for and receive grants, allotments, or allocations of funds or other assistance for purposes pertaining to the problems of chemical dependency or related social problems under laws and rules of the United States, any other state, or any private organization.

(2) The department may cooperate with any other government agency or private organization in programs on chemical dependency or related social problems. In carrying out cooperative programs, the department may make grants of financial assistance to government agencies and private organizations under terms and conditions agreed upon.

(3) (a) In administering proceeds derived from the liquor license tax, the beer license tax, or the wine tax, the department shall distribute those funds appropriated by the legislature. Money that is appropriated for distribution to approved private or public programs on a discretionary basis must be distributed to those programs that can demonstrate that:

(i) the program is achieving the goals and objectives mutually agreed upon by the program and the department; and

(ii) the receipt of additional funds would be justified.

(b) The remainder of the proceeds that are not appropriated, as provided in subsection (3)(a), or that are not statutorily appropriated in 53-24-108(1)(b) must be distributed to the counties for use by approved private or public programs. The distribution of these proceeds is statutorily appropriated as provided in 17-7-502 and must be distributed in the following manner:

(i) Eighty-five percent must be allocated according to the proportion of each county's population to the state's population according to the most recent United States census.

(ii) Fifteen percent must be allocated according to the proportion of the county's land area to the state's land area.

(c) Money distributed under subsection (3) may only be used for purposes pertaining to the problems of alcoholism and chemical dependency.

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