Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Adult Offenders

Expense Of Trial For Offenses Committed In Prison

53-30-110. Expense of trial for offenses committed in prison. (1) Whenever a trial of any person takes place under any of the provisions of 45-7-306 or whenever a prisoner in the state prison is tried for any crime committed in prison, the county clerk of the county where the trial is held shall make out a statement of all the costs incurred by the county for the trial of the case and of guarding and keeping the prisoner. The statement must be certified by a district judge of the county.

(2) The statement must be sent to the department of corrections for its approval. After the approval, the department shall pay the costs out of the money appropriated for the support of the state prison to the county treasurer of the county where the trial was held.

(3) Public defender costs, if any, must be paid pursuant to the Montana Public Defender Act provided for in Title 47, chapter 1.

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