Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Adult Offenders

Montana Correctional Enterprises Prison Industries Training Program -- Purpose And Scope

53-30-131. Montana correctional enterprises prison industries training program -- purpose and scope. (1) There is a Montana correctional enterprises program within the department of corrections to operate a prison industries training program. The Montana correctional enterprises program shall:

(a) prepare inmates for release by providing vocational education training and work programs at facilities owned, operated, and contracted with by the department; and

(b) provide inmates the opportunity to earn money to pay restitution, fines, and fees, to pay for hygiene and commissary items, and to save for their eventual release from incarceration.

(2) The prison industries training program consists of vocational education, on-the-job training, and production experience. The Montana correctional enterprises program may contract with public and private educational entities to provide this training.

(3) The Montana correctional enterprises program may:

(a) provide training and experience within the prison system in:

(i) cultivation, production, processing, manufacture, repair, construction, refurbishment, service, and related processes involving personal property, including but not limited to such items as crops, milk and milk products, wood products, livestock, furniture, and office and electrical equipment;

(ii) animal training and boarding;

(iii) vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair;

(iv) wildland fire suppression; and

(v) approved community work programs for governmental entities and not-for-profit organizations;

(b) provide for the repair and maintenance of property and equipment of institutions or facilities by inmates;

(c) provide for construction projects, up to the aggregate sum of $200,000 for each project, performed by inmates. The department of administration may:

(i) exempt projects authorized by this subsection (3)(c) from the provisions of Title 18, chapter 2, relating to construction, public bidding, bonding, or contracts; and

(ii) exempt inmates who provide labor for those projects from the labor and wage requirements of Title 18, chapter 2, part 4.

(d) provide for the manufacture by prison industries of highway, road, and general information signs for the use of the state or any of its political subdivisions, except when the manufacture of the signs is in violation of a collective bargaining contract; and

(e) provide for the manufacture of motor vehicle license plates and other related articles.

(4) The Montana correctional enterprises program may provide its products and services to government agencies, school districts, and nonprofit and for-profit organizations through contracts and dealer networks. Furniture, print, and sign shop products may be sold to the general public only through dealer networks.

(5) Except as provided in subsection (6), furniture made in the prison may be purchased by state agencies in accordance with the procurement provisions under Title 18, chapter 4.

(6) Any state institution, facility, or program operated by the department of corrections may purchase prison-made furniture without complying with the procurement provisions under Title 18, chapter 4.

(7) The Montana correctional enterprises program may donate surplus food grown or produced at the prison to local food banks, nonprofit organizations, and low-income persons.

(8) The Montana correctional enterprises program is authorized to sell livestock on the open market.

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