Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Adult Offenders

Administration Of Montana Correctional Enterprises Program

53-30-133. Administration of Montana correctional enterprises program. (1) (a) The Montana correctional enterprises program need not be a self-supporting program. All revenue raised through the program may be used only for the program, including the payment of inmate wages.

(b) State agencies, local governments, school districts, authorities, and other local government entities are encouraged to use the Montana correctional enterprises program's products and services. State agencies shall cooperate with the department of corrections in notifying governmental entities within the state of the program and of the services and products that are available.

(2) (a) Any price lists established by the department are exempt from the provisions of Title 2, chapter 4, but the department may, if it considers it an effective method of dissemination, publish the price lists.

(b) The Montana correctional enterprises program is subject to program audits by the legislative auditor.

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